December Member Connect

Our December community outreach event was hugely successful, thanks to the help and support of many of our members, friends, sponsors, and the community at large. 275 purses were donated, and, with the financial support and contributions of our sponsors ($1,600 in funding raised) the purses were jammed packed with daily essentials.  We were also very fortunate to have some musical entertainment provided by friends of member Debbie Houle. It was a wonderful afternoon of community spirit, fun and camaraderie.

Each purse was tagged with this special note and distributed to a number of local agencies that support vulnerable women (Scared Heart Church, Mustard Seed, Boyle Street, Salvation Army) as well as being directly handed out to women on the street.

Sponsors include: Aksis, Mother Earth Essentials, Larr Management Corp, In Synch Consulting Inc., Naoka Inc., Bob Suitor, Judy Piercy, Kinette Club of Edmonton, The nook Café, Mercedes Benz, Heritage Valley, the McDade family, Edmonton Emergency Relief Services

October Member Connect

True Colors with Kyra Brown

We had an excellent turnout for October's Member Connect. True Colours Personality workshop was facilitated by one of our members Kyra Brown. Thank you to those who came and participated with each other to learn more on your stronger personality traits. We all had a chance to share what we have in common and what we might think about in our own communication styles and in communicating with others. Self awareness provides great opportunities to build our strengths and see where we might want to grow. We had some good laughter (as always) with great food and beverages catered by our delicious local NOOK Cafe. Thanks again to all who participated and we look forward to connecting at the next AWiLL event!!!

September Member Connect

Daughters Day

To kick off this year's calendar of events, several of our members took part in Daughters Day on September 9th.  AWiLL was a proud sponsor of this event in a mission to eliminate gender inequality, violence, and discrimination against girls and women at home, at school, in the workplace, and on the street.

AWiLL will be looking at nominating someone within our membership for next year.


May Member Connects

Building Empathy, Conquering Apathy Symposium (BECA)

Several of our members took part in the BECA Symposium put on by the Canadian For a Civil Society. Once again this event was truly an eye-opening and inspirational experience for all who attended.


Key Communicators Luncheon

So very fortunate to "break bread" with the Honorable Kim Campbell at today's Women in Communication luncheon! Glad to have been part of such an incredible event and to meet so many uplifting and inspiring women!


March Member Connect

Several of our members, along with their guests, spent an evening listening to Deborah Kinisky share her uplifting and emotional story of overcoming the challenges of years of abuse and trauma.  Deborah is the Founder and Executive Director of Blue Sky Thrivalist Multi-Media Services, she is also a published author and inspirational speaker, international photographer and culinary enthusiast.

Deborah also shared with us that her happy place is in her kitchen with “flour on her nose”.  She is soon to be headed down to Calgary to share her culinary delights for an opportunity to appear on an upcoming cooking show.

February Member Connect

One Urban Indigenous Notikwew Journey Thru Cree Ceremony

Several of our members had the opportunity to spend time with Mary Cardinal Collins, a semi-retired teacher, fluent Cree speaker and translator of Nehiyaw and Skwew.  Mary has worked in the field of indigenous languages and indigenous education for the past 30 plus years.


Mary Cardinal

January Member Connect

Leading a Life with Intention

With intentions in mind, many of our members had an opportunity to learn first-hand from Jeanette Ward, a holistic practitioner, who shared her inspirational story and some of her practices and techniques for "Leading a Life with Intention".  Jeanette talked about how our habitual thought patterns can create stress, anxiety, depression and even paranoia.  We need to become aware of them and reqire our brain through practices such as meditation, mantra/affirmations, yoga.  She also encouraged us to reflect on our core values - what is most important to us - and start to incorporate these into our daily lives.

Here are some additional suggestions that Jeanette shared that will help each of us live our lives with intention.

  1. Slow down to create space for inspirtation/new ideas.
  2. De-clutter your mind and your living space.
  3. Take a good look at everything you do and eliminate those that do not feed you.
  4. Become mindful - become present with each task you do (driving, doing the dishes, speaking with your child, parent colleague).
  5. Accept responsibility for your actions - admitting your mistakes - respect your peers.
  6. Embrace the 'good' and the 'bad' aspects of yourself - it leads to self-acceptance and self-love.
  7. Discover your strengths and focus on them - acknowledge your weaknesses, and work on them.
  8. Cultivate self-acceptance & self-love.

December Member Connect

Spirit of Giving

In the Spirit of giving, many of our members volunteered their time at the Jasper Place Wellness Centre (15210 Stony Plain Rd NW) December 21st, 2016.  Where we served hot chocolate, cookies, candy canes and bananas.  They offered those less fortunate some fellowship and spent some quality time socializing, doing crossword puzzles, and playing cards.

November Member Connect

Women in Uniform

AWiLL had the honor and privilege to meet with Captain Donna Riguidel who is currently with the Reserves and previously in active duty with the Canadian Armed Forces.  This woman in uniform shared her story and is a Change Leader in Operation HONOUR. The mission of Operation HONOUR is to eliminate harmful and inappropriate sexual behaviour within the Canadian Armed Forces. Our conversation with Captain Riguidel helped us to better understand her journey in overcoming sexual assault and Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD).

Captain Riguidel is actively involved with the National Service Dog for PTSD program which was launched in 2011.  These dogs are sponsored and later used to assist individuals suffering from long-term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).   National Service Dog currently offers this to Veterans and First Responders in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.