Aspiring Women in Leadership and Legacy

Leadership Team

Marnie Suitor:  President

"As a founding member of AWiLL I truly believe that every women deserves to be recognized and celebrated for who she is and the abundant talent she has been blessed with.  Regardless of the labels that society puts on us, we as women and young girls, have a fundamental similarity - and that is the inherent ability to lead. The abilty sometimes gets stifled and sabotaged along our life journey.  AWiLL provides a forum in which women,young and old, can come together to give and receive wisdom, support and mentor-ship.  I am committed to the success of the organization, and its members by currently serving as President, as well as being actively involved in initiatives that align with the Vision, Mandate, and Values of AWiLL."

Shelly Vermillion: Vice-President

"As an indigenous woman, I have had many experiences that have taught me hard lessons.  Often my preserving nature got me through or held be back.  In either case, those outcomes were based on my choices, even when I believed I had no choice.  I've recently recognized that I instinctively want to show my daughters, (and other young women) that we have a multitude of choice!  Choosing to excel is where I want to make a real difference.  I believe this ability is within all of us, no matter our upbringing or aspirations.  We can excel at being a mother, a sister, a colleague or a good friend.  I enjoy having a place - literal or symbolic  - through AWiLL where we can generate all of the possibilities and positivity that we as a gender can conceivably encounter so that women of all ages, ethnicitys or lifestyles can know and make good choices.

As a leader and co-founder, I choose to be involved at the board level because I believe that women have an opinion, pay attention to what our instincts say, and be open to allowing others to reshape our perceptions in positive and meaningful way."

Sadea Diehl:  Secretary

I firmly believe that women should always build each other up and as a young woman I have found that while it is difficult to follow in the footsteps of the amazing women I have met, it also makes it so much easier to construct on what previous generations have created. As a member for many years I wanted to be a part of AWiLL to listen and learn from the mentors available to me through this wonderful organization, but when the call came to become a member of the board I knew I had to take a step forward to become an example for the women in my generation and show the world what AWiLL had to offer in Leadership and Legacy.

Kimberly Emerson: 
AWiLL Member at Large

I am so thankful and honored to be able to serve on a board that shares in my same values in regards to living with a sense of purpose and community. Where we can lean on each others strengths in order to build each other up to be the natural born leaders we were created to be. I have been in the Beauty industry for over 15 years. As the the owner and operator of Miyosiw Beauty. I have been given the privilege to have seen first hand into the lives of women from different walks of life. I desire for us to see the full potential we carry inside and out. When we can look within ourselves and love ourselves there lies true leadership.

Amanda Northcott:  AWiLL Member at Large

After being involved in non-profit organizations for over 10 years I saw many volunteers demonstrate leadership. Because of this I wanted to be a part of an organization whose mission is to support others realize their potential. This is what lead me to AWILL. I believe everyone has the ability to lead and be leaders and it is a matter of being in a supportive environment and around others that will help you achieve this. Being a HR Professional for over 20 years I have seen, supported and help develop others become leaders, which has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment, and now AWILL has given me the opportunity to continue this journey.